WWW Wednesday, 11 July: Women, Mystical Islands of Death & Queer SFF.

An excuse to talk about what you’re reading, as hosted by Sam @ samanneelizabeth

The Three W’s are…

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?

& BONUS: What books I DNF’d & borrowed & bought in the past week.

Books featured here include NF, SFF (of both the adult & YA variety) & contemporary adult.



What Happened — Hillary Clinton, p. 2017.

This one has dominated all my WWW posts so far. Since it’s a Buddy read, and we’re doing a section or two per week.

3 thoughts so far:

  • Such a warm, personal read. This week I read the section about being a woman in politics, and it was a genuine joy to read. This woman clearly loves the hell out of her family, and has great respect for her female constitutes and employees. She clearly cares. She seems very much like the kind of woman who is deeply confident in herself and her own abilities, yet also is quick to shine a light on the achievements of others.
  • A reoccurring theme through this section was HRC being concerned that women would be discouraged from entering politics due to the Presidential Election, and her relief and appreciation that many women are actually being encouraged by it. Her thoughts of responsibility and pride about this is <3.
  • HRC’s thoughts about how people responded to as a First Lady vs. a politician are disheartening as shit. Essentially, she says she was left with the impression that people liked her plenty as a First Lady (except for the part where she changed her name to include Clinton because people had such a huge problem with her just going by her maiden name?), but were like ‘woah sit down’ when she stepped up to the plate herself. Misogynist springs eternal, I guess.


The Passage (The Passage, #1) – Justin Cronin, p. 2010

A re-read! I first read this book when it came out in 2010 (when I was in university, damn), and I’m rereading it now because I want to finally knock the sequel off my TBR list.. and since it’s been 8 years (omg) and it’s a huge, complicated book, a reread was definitely required before hitting up book 2. Definitely not going to finish this in time for TomeTopple, since I’m only a couple hundred pages in, but… hey, I’m on my way, at least.

GIF chosen because two shady yet likeable men in black suits are featured heavily so far.

3 thoughts so far:

  • Already questioning if this book needs to be as long & as hyper detailed as it is. Which, to be fair, that’s clearly the style, and a lot of the writing is beautiful, and absorbing, but… yeah, it’s a personal taste thing, I think, since I don’t think it’s poor editing, it’s just more detail than I myself necessarily want.
  • And what’s with all the references to sexual assault, like, is this necessary?  I guess it is necessary, because this book is largely about terrible people being terrible, but still, sigh. I guess I’m not crazy about sexual assault almost being used as a shortcut to show that someone is either a) shitty person or b) has been psychologically damaged.
  • I… vaguely feel like I should have more of a clue about what’s happening by 270 pages in. 



Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2) — Neal Shusterman, p. 2018. 

Bought this one the other work from Waterstones, after approx two months of looking for it in a bookshop (IDK why I had it in my head I had to buy it from a physical bookshop, but I did). I was SO HERE for the first in the series, so I went into this one with high expectations (especially since folks on here were telling me how it’s even better than the first book), and… I was not disappointed! I love the world-building SO HARD, guys. The ending in particular was stellar & incredibly unusual for a YA SFF.

Gif chosen because obviously the Scythes have their own mystical island of death.

Rating: ★★★★★ / Review @ GoodReads.


Wellllll, even though Tome Topple is over as of tomorrow, I’ve decided to more or less stick with my Tome Topple TBR for my ‘Next Up.’

In addition to that, I’m currently also feeling Sophie Kinsella lately (this is silverbuttonbooks’ fault), so am thinking I’ll also make room for…


My (Not So) Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella, p. 2018.

Expectations: The premise itself doesn’t hugely appeal to me, buuuut a) I super liked ‘Surprise Me’ & b) what Silver Button Books says about it here made me very ‘hmmmm, this might actually be to my taste after all’. So we’ll see!



My Digital Book Bundle from a Kickstarter campaign I pledged to earlier this year came this week! It’s all by the same author, an Australian indie author by the name of Tansy Rayner Roberts, who writes & podcasts queer, fantastical, feminist SFF (sometimes about Fairytales, sometimes about gender-swapped Muskateers in space…). She has a Patreon here if you’re interested!

I… actually haven’t read any of her stuff yet TBH, and pledged because a) she’s friends with my Swedish BFF who has awesome taste in books and b) look, her stuff has just always sounded really cool okay.

My paperback copy of ‘Cabaret of Monsters’ (same Kickstarter campaign) also came this week! The cover is sooo soft and velvety and pretty, I love it. It’s only a novella, so I’m hoping I’ll get to this one soon, too.


AND THAT’S A WRAP! Have you read any of these books? What are you reading right now? How are your reading challenges (if you have them!) going? Feel free to friend me on GoodReads!






3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday, 11 July: Women, Mystical Islands of Death & Queer SFF.

  1. I have been out of town for almost two weeks and away from my beloved blog and blog-related peeps so I just saw this! Great WWW (as always). I really need to read HRC’s book. I saw her speak when she was running and I came away just loving her. I hope you enjoy Kinsella’s book – thanks for the mention by the way – I really loved that book.


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