REBLOGGING ‘The Many Ways YA Books & The Community Isolates Teens’ by Vicky Reads Books

A truly outstanding post by a teen about the YA community as a whole. Like, I want a whole novel about this topic from this girl???

Vicky Who Reads

I think (I know) some people will probably disagree with me on this, but a fundamental assumption made in this post is that first and foremost, YA’s audience are teens ages 13-18.

This isn’t supposed to be a “adults can’t read YA!!!” post, nor is it supposed to argue who YA is for. I’m telling you straight out that I think YA is first & foremost for teens, and if you can’t at least understand (not necessarily agree, but understand) this assumption for the rest of this post, then it’s probably best to stop reading while you’re ahead.

Because I’m not here to talk about who YA is for–I believe it’s for teens. I’m here to talk about how given the fact that it’s for teens, the YA book community canstill . . . have a lack of thought towards teenagers.

Honestly, I’ve been nervous to…

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3 thoughts on “REBLOGGING ‘The Many Ways YA Books & The Community Isolates Teens’ by Vicky Reads Books

    1. I really, really did! I hope you write more about it, because it’s a really valuable perspective and you articulate it so well. And from your post it’s clear that there are SO MANY different angles to come at the topic from.

      I’d love to read a post by you about what YA books you consider to authentically reflect a teenager’s perspective, or if you just talked about that facet of it when doing reviews? (Unless you already do that, ha, the post we’re talking about is the first blog post of yours I’ve read, although I’m def gonna look through some of the others).


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