Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Fictional Places I’d like to visit this winter holidays.

Top 10 Fictional Places I’d like to visit this winter holidays (Starting point: Cozy/wintry reads).

Top 10 Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

  1. The Burrow, Ottery-St-Catchpole, England (Book: Harry Potter).
Obviously when both these boys were still alive, because I’m not a monster.

Come on, how could this not be anyone’s first choice? The Weasleys’ are such a warm, welcoming family, with a breadth of personalities and experiences between them so you’re bound to find SOMEONE you can talk with.  Plus, SO, MUCH, GOOD, FOOD. And low-key magic just going on in the background! The higgedly-piggedly high up house is awesome, and so’s the fact that Luna Lovegood doesn’t live that far away.

2. The house of the Song-Covey girls, USA (Book: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before).


I’m gonna be real here, I can’t remember where Lara Jean Song Covey lived but… whatever, I’m sure she’d tell me. And by ‘tell me’ I mean probably calligraphy an invitation with waishi tape & directions and adorable stickers, because that’s my girl. Can you imagine HOW CUTE their house would be decked out? And HOW MUCH AWESOME BAKED GOODS THERE WOULD BE?? AND KOREAN FOOD?? Plus, Peter Kavinsky /shrug.

3. The Palace, Tortall and/or Pirate’s Swoop, Tortall (Book: Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books).

No one will ever convince me that Emelan isn’t on the other side of the roof of the world. 

Tortall is MY CHILDHOOD. It’s also the only oldentimesy fictional place I don’t think it’d suck to live in, because 1) magic, 2) they’re really quite progressive a country, 3) TORTALL!! There would be so much food and magic and jousting and celebrations and MYTHICAL CREATURES chilling out and it, just, would be awesome…. and now I want to write ‘normal girl goes to Tortall’ fanfic, as a callback to my youth.

4. The Tardis, Everywhere (TV: Doctor Who)

This nerd <3.

This was just going to be fictional places from BOOKS but, um, THE TARDIS! With Eleven (Thirteen was a cloooose second because I’m loving that woman already). I was a little on the fence on this one at first because I was also thinking ‘okay, I would totally die in a Doctor Who episode, because I can not run fast’ BUT nearly everyone who is actually INSIDE the Tardis on a Christmas episode survives, so booyah, happening.

5. The palace, Genovia (Book: The Princess Diaries)

Bitch, you know Princess Mia would throw the best initiate, geeky sleepover parties for her friends at the Genovian palace when it was her time to reign, and I 1000% want it. Geeky things, at a palace! .WITH A BADASS MAZE. There’s no possible downside to this one… not even Grandmere.

6. The archway, Victorian London, England (Book: Time Riders)

TimeRiders is one of those series’s that I feel like is constantly flying under the radar, so if you’ve never heard of it (it’s by Alex Scarrow), I very much suggest it. I’d looove spending Christmas with these kids (well, Liam, and Bob and Becks, and kind of Sal before she went weird), in Victorian London (!), watching for time ripples <3_<3

7. Magdalene Grace Garcia’s Farmhouse, Weed, CA, USA (Book: Newsflesh trilogy).

Imagine Christmas visiting 10 of these cutenesses.

Maggie is my GIRL. She’s such a warm, welcoming, AMAZING host, with an army of tiny dogs, all the best technology to keep out the zombies, and scads of Fictionals (including the irreplaceable Buffy Meissonier) to chill with. So. Down.

8. Hogwarts, Scotland, (Book: Harry Potter. Again.)

Hogwarts at Christmastime. Breathtaking decorations, AMAZING FOOD, great company, magical trinkets and presents, a giant library to wander in, a giant castle to explore, fresh Scottish air and a lake, being able to enjoy snow even when you’re warm because #magic…Plus, Hogsmeade would be RIGHT THERE.

9. The Hermes, Outerspace (Book: The Martian).

Outerspace! With some DAMN badasses like Commander Lewis, Mark Watney, Dr Beck, Martinez, Johannssen and Vogel (and I pulled all those names from memories because I’ve seen this film probably about a bajillion times).

10. Godric’s Hollow, England (Book: Harry Potter. /shrug).

Yes, Harry Potter has three entries on this list, and no, I don’t regret it. Godric’s Hollow is a charming little village and seems lovely at Christmas… but mostly I’d just like to really pay my respects to Lily and James Potter, to see their house and the monument and lay flowers on their graves. 

What about you? What fictional places would you like to visit this winter? Do you have a Top Ten Tuesday?


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